Using the computer as an instrument allowed me to dissect the processes of creating music and connect to the fundamental elements of sound, instrumentation and composition. Researching the development of computer music and its potential helped ‘open my ears’ and burst my own bubble of concepts. Experimenting was an essential first step as I began structuring music with sounds generated from multiple sources. This experimentation helped me realise that sound comes first, then the notes, then the arrangement of notes into compositions.

Developing an interest in chance procedures was a chance event in itself. One initial accident revealed to me a new pathway of creativity. The creative freedom within chance procedures combined with the DAW elasticised my processes. I found the more flexibility within the procedures, the more I could flex and bend with the evolution of each piece. Chance procedures transmuted my two dimensional approach of the DAW and a third fortuitous dimension became evident. Creating works such as Cubit revealed the significance of this newfound space and showed me that chance is a truly powerful advisari.

Approaching the computer as an open ended instrument with unbounded rules challenged me to explore compositions once beyond my grasp. My compositions constructed within the virtual world of the DAW gave me the ability to make my own private universe audible and helped materialise the music that had been trapped within me. This album is a step in the right direction of how I have always imagined what my music should sound like. Curious, I shone a light into the infinite spaces. The result is Space and Light.

Listen to album: Space and Light